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im. Jana Pawła II prowadzony przez
Zgromadzenie Sióstr Maryi Niepokalanej
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Need of children





IN THE YEAR OF JOHN PAUL THE SECOND'S BEATIFICATION, to commemorate this event, the John Paul the Second's Long Term Care And Nursing Home for children is organising an international conference entitled:

Complex facilitation and promotion of good practice on the example of the JPII's LTCANH for children

Honorary Patrons:

Sister Joanna Kamińska, the province's abbess of the Congregation of Sisters of Mary the Immaculate in Wrocław

Mr. Antoni Kopeć, mayor of the city and parish Kąty Wrocławskie

The conference has a two day program. Specialists working with the LTCANH in the field of children convalescence and reducing the social exclusion phenomenon will take part in the plenary debate during the first day. Around 60 people will take part in the conference, including foreign guests. Papers will be presented by practitioners and theoreticians, who will also give lectures. During the second day, lessons and practices will be shown with the help of the children from the LTCANH.

The addressees of the conference are: representatives of other long term care and nursing establishments from the Lower Silesia, representatives of institutions that send children to the LTCANH in Jaszkotle - Local Welfare Centres, District Family Support Centre, hospitals, family courts, local government representatives from the Kąty Wrocławskie parish and representatives of the organisation and institutions with whom the LTCANH cooperates in the field of child convalescence and mutual use of medical and therapeutic experience. In addition, the specialists: academics, therapists, physiotherapists, local government and social activists, psychologists, teachers, lawyers and journalists who deal with different aspects of disability, including local and foreign academics, and the invited guests from the Lower Silesian Voivodship Marshal's office, PFRON, NHF, Assembly of Disabled People, etc. will take part.


Gratitude for the heart

nasze dzieci

You can do anything for children. For those ill - even more.
For children left by their parents - you want to bring the heaven closer.

For the understanding, how much every gift of heart means, children from Health Care House in Jaszkotle together with their carers - Sisters of Mary Immaculate - say:

nasze dzieci

"Thank you very much!"






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